Orphans & Kingdoms

Writer/Director – Paolo Rotondo


Paolo is a passionate artist, working in Film, Television, and Theatre as a writer, director and actor. Paolo has eighteen years experience in our film and TV industry with a superb track record of quality and integrity. Having done just about every job on a film set, from leads in feature films to Directing short films and Television Commercials to set building, Paolo is now totally ready to take on the challenge of a Feature film.


Producer – Fraser Brown

FraserFraser possesses a rare combination of creative and business skills. He is one of New Zealand’s leading actors with a string of lead roles in television, film and theatre since graduating from Toi Whakaari – NZ Drama School, in 2001. He also has a BCom in finance and marketing and as “Director of Brand& Communications” lead the development and implementation of the award winning “Waiwera Water” brand, before helping to sell the company in 2010. Fraser began producing in 2006, with the award winning short film,Dead Letters,and has been part of the Flying Fish team since 2010. http://www.nzonscreen.com/person/fraser-brown

Executive Producer & Mentor – Philippa Campbell

PhilippaPhilippa has produced five New Zealand feature films, including the acclaimed RAIN, which premiered in competition in Cannes, Sundance award winner NO.2, BLACK SHEEP, winner of 3 international awards, and the genre-busting RUBBINGS FROM A LIVE MAN. She is currently producing Jane Campion’s international television mini-series TOP OF THE LAKE starring Elisabeth Moss. Philippa is also literary manager and dramaturge forAuckland Theatre Company.

Cinematographer – Simon Raby

SimonSimon Raby made his first feature at the age of only 16. Later he became a freelance camera/sound man, and collaborated with director Niki Caro, who he would shoot five films for. He has also worked extensively with director Scott Reynolds; including on stylish thriller The Ugly, where he first worked with Paolo. Raby was 2nd unit DOP on the Lord of The Rings trilogy and has recently returned to his directorial beginnings - working in both drama (Interrogation) and documentary (arts show The Gravy). Simon shot Paolo's first short film, The Freezer.

Editor – Cushla Dillon

CushlaSelf-taught editor Cushla Dillon moved from shorter works to features with Harry Sinclair's "unconventional" Topless Women talk about their Lives: both the bite-sized TV series, then the eponymous movie, for which she won a NZfilm award for editing. Dillon has gone on to edit shorts, documentaries, andanother seven features - including Price of Milk, Snakeskin (co-edited), and 2009 doco This Way of Life.

Production Company – Flying Fish

FishFlying Fish was established over 25 years ago and has a long track record for developing some of the finest commercials and feature film directors from New Zealand and Australia. The company continues to stay relevant in an ever-changing market place and offers a wide range of skilled directors and extensive production experience. Simply put, people like working with us.