Orphans & Kingdoms


Orphans & Kingdoms is a poignant drama that bravely explores delicate relationships between children and parents. Three explosive, desperate and lost teenagers without a place in the world are on the run. They are the only family they have and their only objective is not to be torn apart. The Island paradise of Waiheke Island is a million miles from their world. Here, they find the perfect empty holiday home to hide out in. The sort of place they have only ever seen on TV.

But the opulent home they choose is not empty. It is a cage of solitude for an isolated man. The elegant architecture and magnificent views have only served to insulate this man’s hidden demons. When he arrives home one night he is confronted by a mysterious naked girl. In a burst of violence he is knocked unconscious and the three kids find themselves holding him captive. Their escape thwarted by a serious injury they find themselves trapped together, needing the man’s help.

Before dawn comes they uncover his dark and tragic secret. But when the tables are turned the victim now takes control. With the man in charge an unexpected bond begins to grow between them. When dawn finally comes, so too does the law. Now, he must decide whether to hand them over to the authorities or protect them. The four of them find themselves on the run together. The connection they so painfully forged through this night will reward them with a gift that will change their lives forever.