Orphans & Kingdoms

O&K Cast Revealed!

We're finally able to reveal our amazing cast for O&K! Click below to check out the actors and the characters they'll be portraying.
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Introducing the Orphans and Kingdoms lead cast…

Colin Moy

COLIN MOY is Jeremy, a successful architect with his own practice and a beautiful house on Waiheke Island. But beneath Jeremy's seemingly perfect exterior lies a tragic secret.

Hanelle Harris

HANELLE HARRIS is Tibs, (Tabitha, but don't call her that to her face) the eldest of three siblings. Tibs is strong willed and loyal and she'd do absolutely anything to protect her family. Thanks to a less-than-perfect mother, Tibs has spent most of her life nurturing her siblings at the expense of herself.

JESSE-JAMES PICKERY is 17-year old Jesse. He's a street-smart kid who's penchant for escapism through drugs and alcohol are beginning to become a problem...

CALAE HIGNETT-MORGAN is Kenae. 'Key' has never had any real adult guidance in his life and he instinctively believes that the only way to be noticed is to be notorious. Kenae is a natural rebel with a healthy disrespect for... pretty much everything.

FINN MCLACHLAN is Scotty, Jeremy’s son. He's a good kid but struggles to connect with his dad.

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