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  • Orphans & Kingdoms official post-production update No. 1

    They say good things take time. I'm not sure how much of a good thing this production update is, to be brutally honest, but it sure has taken a long time. Sorry about that. We haven't been slacking off mind you, we've been finishing a micro-budget film. Yeehaa! And that, my friends, certainly is a 'good thing.' 
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    So apologies this has taken a long time, we've been 'head down bum up' finishing this baby and we're now dangerously close. The premiere screening has been announced, click here for more info on how to see the film at the New Zealand International Film Festival in July this year.

    If you're not in Auckland then click here to 'demand a screening' on our website. Doing this is REALLY important as it gives us tangible numbers and locations to show to distributors.

    Now, more than ever, we need your help to start spreading the word. Please share these links with your friends and if you haven't done so already please sign up to our mailing list here. We'll never spam you and the more names we have the more power we have over those nasty distributors.

    And finally, this production update is dedicated to our fearless 'Behind The Scenes' editor, Gareth Ruck from Random Films, who broke a bone in this back in a car accident and STILL managed to finish this update from his hospital bed in Wellington. Thanks Gareth, you're a trooper mate.

    Kia Ora and Grazie,

    Paolo and Fraser

    P.S. if the editing is a bit flakey blame the morphine.

    Gareth editing the post production update from his hospital bed

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  • Orphans & Kingdoms Official Production Update No. 4

    What a tough week – we had multiple power cuts to the location, forcing us to halt filming, had a lead actor go AWOL, and our lead actress got food poisoning. Yikes!

    Check out the latest production update from the set of Orphans & Kingdoms to hear all the details, plus a special update from lead actors Calae and Colin (and Hanelle bragging about her Beyoncé tickets).

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  • Orphans & Kingdoms Official Production Update No. 3

    The 3rd installment of our weekly production update is here. We're almost at the end of our 2nd week of night shoots so we're exhausted and slightly smelly but boy is our little film looking great. 
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    This update has plenty of interesting moments from vomit to rubber ducks and some stunning Waiheke scenery. In terms of the film we have hit the real drama head-on so it has been a very intense week. The cast and crew are working really hard but we're all most impressed by young Calae Hignett-Morgan, who plays Kenae. At 13 he's our youngest cast member and he's handling the night shoots and full-on drama like a pro.

    Kia Kaha young man, we're all very impressed.

    We still need to raise $20k to finish this film and anything you can do would be very much appreciated. Please visit www.helptheorphans.org to help us out.


    Fraser, Paolo & the O&K Whanau

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  • O&K PledgeMe Campaign

    O&K is running a crowdfunding campaign through NZ-based platform, PledgeMe, to help raise the $20,000 critically needed for post production. 
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    We've done the hardest part already; developed a completely original story, written 8 drafts of a screenplay and beaten 75 other applicants to receive a micro-budget production funding grant from the New Zealand Film Commission, and we're in production already. Yay for us! We are shooting for the entire month of July on location on beautiful Waiheke Island, just off the coast of Auckland, New Zealand.

    New Zealand Film Commission’s Escalator scheme -  $250,000!

    Random Films have invested another $50,000, and they’re partnering with us to produce the behind the scenes videos, so you get to see exactly how this film is made!

    Dozens of local sponsors on the island (including SeaLink, Jucy, The Oyster Inn, Kina & Stay Waiheke) are moving, housing and feeding the crew and supplying them with lots of desperately needed coffee.

    We’re being joined by a whole host of A-List crew members who are working for next to nothing to help us make Orphans & Kingdoms a reality – all because they believe in the story we want to tell. This includes:

    + Philippa Campbell, Executive Producer (Top of the Lake, Black Sheep, Rain)

    + Simon Raby, Cinematographer (Lord of the Rings, District 9)

    + Cushla Dillon, Editor (Shihad: Beautiful Machine, Topless Women Talk About Their Lives)

    + Colin Moy (In My Fathers Den, Spartacus, Shortland Street)

    + many other talented people

    We're taking a big risk with this film and we're throwing all that investment 'at the screen,' which means that if we don't get a little more money, from you, no one will ever see it. And that would be a shame 'cos it's going to be a beauty!

    We have big plans for this little film, like an international premiere at an A-List festival such as Cannes or Sundance but to do that we'll need these:

    $14,000 for a Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound Audio Mix.

    $6,000 for a DCP (Digital Cinema Package), which is all the finished audio and video wrapped up in a snazzy little bundle so that cinemas all around the world can project it, along with your name in the credits.

    To be perfectly honest we need a whole lot more than this to get it finished just how we really want it, but $20k will get us over the line.

    If you'd like to help us out, or simply read more, head HERE to check out our PledgeMe Campaign!


    Fraser, Paolo & the O&K Whanau

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