Orphans & Kingdoms



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Orphans & Kingdoms is the multiple award-winning feature film debut from New Zealand filmmakers Paolo Rotondo (Writer/Director) and Fraser Brown (Producer.) A powerful drama that bravely explores the delicate relationships between children and parents, shot entirely on the stunning Waiheke Island, on a micro-budget.

Starring Colin Moy (In My Fathers Den, The Most Fun You Can Have Dying) with talented young newcomers Calae-Hignett Morgan (The Dark Horse), Hanelle Harris and Jesse-James Rehu Pickery (Shortland Street, Meathead.)

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  • James Robins - NZ Listener Apr 6, 2016

    "Harris is poised and compelling."

  • James Robins - NZ Listener Apr 6, 2016

    “Hignett-Morgan steals every scene. His performance can swing between typically mouthy teenager and teary-eyed torturer within a few frames"

  • Sarah Watt - Sunday Star Times Apr 10, 2016

    "A terribly impressive first feature film with genuine pathos and stacks of heart"

  • James Robins - NZ Listener Apr 6, 2016

    “a finely told and fine-looking debut feature that knows exactly when to restrain itself and when to explode.”

  • Lauren Sanderson - keepingupwithnz.com Apr 7, 2016

    "A truely stunning piece of New Zealand film making"

  • Graeme Tuckett - Stuff.co.nz Apr 14, 2016

    "This is the wealth gap as drama, in a sweet, tough and extraordinarily likeable film."

  • Graeme Tuckett - Stuff.co.nz Apr 14, 2016

    "Orphans and Kingdoms unfolds as a brief, exhilarating and always watchable fable of 21st century New Zealand."

  • Graeme Tuckett - Stuff.co.nz Apr 14, 2016

    "Paolo Rotondo's debut feature is a minor miracle of shoestring film-making"

  • Emma Page Apr 17, 2016

    "He Really Understood the game within acting: that you are committed to the pretend"- Yvette Reid, casting agent